Cold Weather’s Effect on Oral Hygiene

During cold weather, tooth sensitivity can increase drastically. However, not everyone suffers from sharp pain due to sensitivity. Even the ones who feel such extreme pain can get rid of this condition and avoid it for future by eliminating root cause of the problem.


One of the major reasons for tooth sensitivity is the presence of cavities. Cavities mainly occur due to tooth enamel erosion which is a process triggered and conducted by bacteria in the mouth. This enamel erosion lets the soft part of tooth to be exposed against foreign elements. Tooth sensitivity in this regard is pretty much same as that of sensitivity due to hot and cold weather. Coldness and hotness don’t face any resistance while traveling to the inner part of tooth due to eroded enamel.

You need to avoid cavities in first place. Therefore, you have to make sure that you brush and floss your teeth regularly. If your oral hygiene is up-to-the-mark, there will be less chance for the cavities to occur in your teeth.

Defective fillings

One of the most considerable ways to treat cavities is to get dental fillings. These fillings are pretty good at concealing tooth’s inner part which would get exposed due to eroded enamel and sometimes dentin. However, these fillings may get loose over time and may also fall down, leading to the exposure of inner part of tooth against extreme sensitivity. Metal fillings are specifically the culprits because they have their shrinking and expanding function due to change in temperatures.

While you can always visit your dentist to ensure your fillings are intact, you also need to take care of them at home. It starts with oral hygiene. First, you have to make sure that your teeth are healthy. You need to brush and floss properly in this regard. At the same time, try to avoid brushing too hard on the tooth filling. Abrasive brushing can result in falling out of the filling.

Gum disease

In almost every case of gum disease, the major culprit turns out to be bad oral hygiene. When you eat your favorite food and the let it remnants to stay there between teeth and long gum line, you basically allow bad oral bacteria to do what they are good at. This bacterial action result in gum infection due to which gums are not only pulled back towards tooth root but they also become vulnerable against other infections which can lead to serious periodontal issues.

Gum diseases and cavities occur typically due to the same reason, i.e. bad oral hygiene. Hence, eliminating the same root cause works in both ways. You need to brush and floss on daily basis. Furthermore, you can get more protection against bad oral bacteria with the help of mouthwash. However, make sure that you are not using alcoholic mouthwash.


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